About Me




Growing up in rural Canada, I skated on frozen ponds, received my basic education in a one-room schoolhouse, and rode horses. The relative isolation was free from any form of social media – or even ANY media at times, so I would write.

Short stories, poems, rambling thoughts put together in disconnected ways – all reflected my life in the country.

Going into Law Enforcement at the age of 19, opened my world to a broader view and, while it was a career full of exciting, dangerous, life-altering experiences, sometimes it was also boring. So, I would write. This time, works of fiction, maybe some training manuals and even a couple very-limited production books.

After thirty years as a police officer – I retired and returned to my roots. Now on a horse ranch in the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains, I have pursued my love of writing. 

For the reader, you may find scenes of doing chores, working cattle, fixing fences – all woven through the central story-line, and the characters involved are not Hollywood, but real-life, down to earth people.  




Being a cop for so many years, I witnessed life from an angle very different than that of mainstream society. I witnessed the very best – and the very worst – of human behavior. But I made the choice to focus on the goodness and greatness of human undertakings and I have never been disappointed. I have seen lives changed, hearts renewed, relationships restored, and love rekindled during some of the most dramatic and tragic circumstances. I believe in the human spirit.

And now living on the ranch with my wife Dee, accompanied by thirty horses, dogs, cats, birds, moose, deer, bears and even the occasional cougar – I’m living the dream. And with five historical buildings on-site (four of them log structures) the fodder for my tales are limitless. I share them with you.




I am a Christian. This is both my Faith and my Anchor. I see the wonder of God in every tree, stream, animal, bird and fish. Growing up as a “kid from the country”, I developed a deep love of animals, which I treasure even now. My Faith reminds me that God is in control of everything – even when things don’t work out the way I wanted – He has a plan and I must trust. I have an incredible wife, superb children and grandchildren and great friends who share their lives and stories with me.   


My task is listening. To God, to Nature, to the animals I work with, and to you. They all speak stories into my mind that ask – sometimes demand – to be put to paper. But which voice do I listen to for my next book? Stay with me as I continue my journey as an author.